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Inner Peace

Algonquin Provincial Park is a special place. There is so much to see at this spectacular park! One day we were driving down the narrow road to Lake Opeongo along Costello Creek to view wildlife. I love this drive because there is water on both sides of the road with many beaver dams and waterfowl.

I often get out of the car along the way to take in the scenery but with the narrow road, occasional traffic and long grasses blocking my view, I always feel pressured to hurry along.

A little frustrated, we decided that this would be the perfect place to launch our kayaks and paddle down the creek parallel to the road to really feel a part of the peaceful surroundings. Getting out of the car was just what I needed to calm and achieve that inner peace nature can bring. I will choose a paddle over a road every time!

Inner Peace, 2021

Acrylic on Panel

11 x 14 inches


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