Nature Artist 

Laura M Pepper 

Be inspired...make a difference...feel amazing!!


Inspiration + Adventure = Happiness

Hey there! Come join me on a painting journey, with plenty of exploration, discovery, and excitement. 


I find nothing more thrilling than capturing a sunset on the top of a mountain, hiking to the end of the trail and beyond, paddling alongside dolphins and sharks, snorkelling with sea turtles or getting a glimpse of a secret life hidden in a forest. 


I am inspired by our diverse planet; I love its astounding ecosystems and incredible creatures.  Capturing the world's beauty through art is my passion, I strive to share my adventures and drawings for others to enjoy as well. Get outside, be inspired, and take on your own adventures!

"Get outside and immerse yourself in nature.  
Go for a hike, walk the shoreline, watch the sunset...feel nature all around you...let it recharge you!"

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