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Artist Laura Pepper was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.  She obtained a Bachelor of Science at Wayne State University in the United States and a Bachelor of Education at University of Windsor in Canada. She studied a mix of psychology, biology and education. Laura worked for several years as an elementary science teacher at a private school and is currently a staff member at a University library.  

Laura supports conservation efforts through donations and volunteering and strongly believes that each individual can make a difference towards a greener future. She continues to teach art workshops and has a great passion for sharing her love of travel, adventure  and the therapeutic benefits of the nature-art connection.


Laura (right) hiking in Tobermory, ON with her daughters and puppy

Meet the Artist

Each of my paintings represents a time of pure happiness in my life.  I gather most of my material while on vacation with my family, sketching and painting in the field and bringing back thousands of photos for reference.  


These happy moments may not have seemed completely perfect at the time.  I may have felt dehydrated, my legs sore and tired from a long hike, my arms exhausted from paddling but they still represent my most cherished moments of peace, my connection to nature, family, and most importantly myself. The triumph of reaching the end of the trail, braving the waves or current, driving or flying hours or days to the middle of nowhere all while pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  


Each and every painting allows me to experience that holiday escape again and again where everything seems so perfect and timeless. Art is how I energize my soul and express my happy adventures in nature.


                                                                                              ~ Laura Pepper ~

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